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Dallas city is the third most populated city in Texas. With a city being populated with over 1,300,00 people, sexual assault is an unfortunate event that happens to victims every day. Unfortunately, the percentage of assault runs higher in bigger cities. A Dallas personal injury attorney is more than willing to fight for a sexual […]

Dallas personal injury attorneys are easy to find. But, not all of these personal injury lawyers are created equal. Some personal injury lawyers lack the knowledge and experience necessary to help their clients receive fair compensation. Others ignore their clients’ requests, to the point where a personal injury case ultimately can become more trouble than […]

Dallas is the ninth-largest city in America. A city is known for many things—the birthplace of the 7-Eleven Slurpee, a hub for championship teams in multiple sports—but one list Dallas wants no part of is topping the rankings for drunken boating accidents. That is just what happened when Dallas found itself ranked fifth in alcohol-related […]

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