Traumatic Bicycle Accident Leaves Former NBA Player Paralyzed

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Imagine being a pro-athlete for over a decade. Your career is built around your skill, abilities, and is in perfect shape. After you retire, you are still young at 48-years-old. You take a bike ride outside your home, only to be struck from behind by a careless driver. Now, two months later, you are trying to adjust to life knowing you may never regain the ability to walk, much less ride your bike again.

One of the most traumatic injuries is a spinal cord injury. Damage to the spinal cord can interfere with the fiber tracts that carry signals to and from the brain. If the injury is severe enough, the spinal nerves may not be able to communicate with the brain. Our firm, understand how devastating a spinal cord injury can be. When you need a bicycle accident attorney in Dallas, Texas, our firm, is here for you.

Cycling Accident Changes Former NBA Players Life Forever

Shawn Bradley was the second overall pick in the 1993 draft by Philadelphia. In his 12-year career, his averages were 2.5 blocks, 6.3 rebounds, and 8.1 points. The 7-foot-6 Bradley retired from the Mavericks and settled in St. George, Utah, with his wife, Carrie.

Bradley was riding his bicycle near his home when a vehicle struck him from behind. The accident caused a spinal cord injury. Bradley is still hospitalized and will undergo neck fusion surgery and rehabilitation.

In a statement released by the Dallas Mavericks, Bradley has a “very strong sense of faith…as he participates in grueling physical therapy and learns how to cope with the challenges of paraplegia. He plans to use his accident as a platform to bring greater public awareness to the importance of bicycle safety.”

How Safe Are Texas Roads for Bicyclists?

Dallas is one of the top counties for bicycle crashes. Many motorists don’t realize that bicyclists have the same right to the road. Negligent drivers can fail to yield to a bicyclists’ right of way, follow too close, or simply fail to notice them at all due to distracted driving.

The National Library of Medicine found that traumatic spinal cord injuries have been increasing in bicycle accidents. Spinal injuries increased by over 200% over four years. According to Share the Road Texas, in the latest reporting year;

  • 16,807 bicycle accidents occurred over a six-year time frame
  • Of those accidents, 362 people died
  • 11% of bicycle accident victims were younger than 15-years old
  • 13% were between 16 and 25

Share the Road Texas also reports that Harris, Travis, Dallas, Bexar, and Tarrant are the state’s most offending counties.

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