Texan Father Nearly Dies After a Lack of ICU Hospital Beds

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Recovering from a brain injury can be grueling and expensive. An ambulance ride, medical bills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, loss of wages, and other unforeseen expenses add up. Sometimes a brain injury can create life-long problems that require extended medical care.

When we’re seriously injured, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy filings in the US. No one wants you to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. That’s why our firm is here for you.

The highly sought attorneys at our firm understand how traumatizing a brain injury can be to you and your family. We have helped many families recover damages due to the negligence of others. If you or someone you love has a brain injury due to some else’s neglectful actions, you need a personal injury attorney in Dallas, Texas. You need our firm. Call today.

How a Texan Ended Up in Iowa?

When we are seriously injured, we have come to expect the bills to add up. What we don’t expect is for our hospital to delay emergency brain surgery because the beds are full of Covid-19 patients. If you have watched the news, you know the number of Covid-19 cases is skyrocketing again. Hospitals are strained and desperate for resources. Houston man, Shane Sondum, found this out first hand.

Mr. Sondum had a dangerous mass in his brain and needed emergency surgery. The high-level trauma center at the Texas County Memorial Hospital, where Mr. Sondum was diagnosed, should have been able to take him directly to surgery. However, due to the number of Covid-19 cases, there were no beds available in their ICU. Add to that; the hospital couldn’t find an ICU bed in a six-state area over for 25 hours.

Finally, a University of Iowa hospital stepped in and sent a plane. They were able to perform the emergency surgery successfully. His surgeon, Dr. Matthew Howard, noted, “if there had been a 30-minute delay, it may have been too late.”

What if there had been a delay? What if Shane Sondum, father of five, died? Who’s liable?

Traumatic Brain Injuries in the US

Brain injuries involve delicate procedures that leave little room for error. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and Centers for Disease Control,

  • Around 1.7 million people will have a traumatic brain injury each year.
  • 52,000 people will die from their injuries
  • Of those who survive, 124,626 people will have long-term impairment or disability.

With medical errors being the third-leading cause of death in the US, it can be terrifying to receive brain surgery. In Mr. Sondum’s case, it was terrifying to think he might not receive the surgery he desperately needed to survive in time.

Why You Need Our Firm?

Sometimes liability can be challenging to discern. The knowledgeable team of attorneys at our firm has years of medical malpractice expertise to help you and your loved ones find the closure you need. Their personal injury team can evaluate your circumstances and help you recover the damages your family deserves. When you need a personal injury attorney in Dallas, Texas, you need our firm. Contact us by clicking here or by calling 214-295-2900.

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