Toddler Dies from Traumatic Brain Injury While Reports of Ongoing Abuse Are Ignored

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Tragedy struck in Texas when three-year-old Amari Boone succumbed to injuries from an abusive foster home. Despite multiple reports from multiple sources, the ACH Child and Family Services continued to ignore the situation. On April 12, 2020, Amari died from a traumatic brain injury. Now Amari’s family wants answers and has brought a lawsuit against the organization in charge of his care.

The negligent and needless death of a child should never go unanswered. At our firm, our dedicated attorneys are here to assist parents facing this devastating tragedy. You have rights. Our Dallas wrongful death lawyers will help you recover the damages needed to make sure the negligent party never forgets the damage to your family. Call 214-295-2900 now.

North Texas Child and Family Services Failed to Protect Innocent Toddler

The family of Amari Boone recently brought a wrongful death suit against Child and Family Services and their employees due to their failure to remove him from an abusive home.

Amari and his brother were removed from their family’s home and placed in kinship foster care due to reports that their mother was abusing drugs and that Amari was present during physical altercations.

Child and Family Services, or ACH, are charged with supervising everyone in their care. However, after Amari’s Court Appointed Special Advocate, CASA, a daycare director, family, and neighbors reported his abuse on multiple occasions, nothing was done. For two months reports went ignored. Six days prior to his death, Amari presented with swelling from his right ear to his right eye.

Amari was brought to the Cook Children’s hospital three times during his 40-day foster stay. The 3-year-old died of a traumatic brain injury. His physician stated Amari sustained a “massive skull fracture and massive brain injury and massive bleeding around the brain.”

Amari did not need to suffer. He did not need to die. Reports were made.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

TBI’s impact children differently than adults. A baby’s skull may take 9-18 months to fully form, making them at greater risk for fatal TBIs. Also, a child’s brain is still developing. A head injury resulting in a TBI is considered a “chronic disease process,” not a one-time event. Symptoms from a TBI may change over time. When considering severity:

  • Mild TBI
    • A child may lose consciousness for less than 30 minutes and have some memory troubles of the day of the injury
  • Moderate TBI
    • The loss of consciousness may last from 1-24 hours
  • Severe TBI
    • A child loses consciousness for more than a day with severe memory impairments
  • Concussion
    • Form of mild TBI

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