Twin Cheerleaders in Dallas Texas Press Charges Against Their Cheer Coach For Sexual Misconduct

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Dallas city is the third most populated city in Texas. With a city being populated with over 1,300,00 people, sexual assault is an unfortunate event that happens to victims every day. Unfortunately, the percentage of assault runs higher in bigger cities. A Dallas personal injury attorney is more than willing to fight for a sexual assault victim. We are determined to help heal and close victims’ wounds from a heinous crime as much as possible by standing up for the victim against their attacker.

What Happened To The Gerlacher Twin’s When Jason McCartney Was Training them?

Hannah and Jessica Gerlacher suffered through years of sexual abuse by their former cheer coach, Jason McCartney, before reporting him to the U.S All-Cheer Federation. During practices, Jason would sexually abuse Hannah and Jessica. Jason’s tactic was to inappropriately touch them while “spotting” them, which is a safety technique to help catch the girls during their cheer stunts.

Jason coached the twins since they were 15-years-old and used this as accessibility to exploit Hannah and Jessica for his own benefit. The two victims were afraid to report him because he held an authoritative position in their life as their coach.

Allegedly, McCartney forced Hannah to sit on his lap while he inappropriately touched her. McCartney also used force to get Hannah into a room, where he pressed her against cabinets with his hand over her throat. In response to the allegations, their ex-coach has made no attempts to respond.

How Prevalent is Sexual Abuse in Texas?

According to the most recent Texas Department of Public Safety reporting, data shows that 19,816 sexual assault cases were reported. Unfortunately, there were more victims than cases reported, with a total of 20,592 victims.

More females are victims of sexual assault than males. Approximately 88.1% were female and 11.9% were male. The highest number of victims who endured a sexual assault were those between the ages of 10-14, while the offenders were more prevalent between the ages of 15-19. The majority of the offenders were male, taking up about 95.6%.

When Do You Need A Dallas Personal Injury Attorney?

Being a victim of a sexual assault can ruin your trust and hope. At Johnson, Zegan, Scott, and Williams PLLC, you can put your trust in our Dallas personal injury lawyers to have your best interests at heart and to recover the compensation you deserve. We understand that you are going through a traumatic experience, and we do not want you to go through it by yourself. If we can make it easier for you, we will. No one should have to be a victim of a sexual assault.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a sexual assault crime, please consult a Dallas personal injury attorney immediately. Of course, we hope you do not have to be put in this position, but if you ever need a Dallas personal injury attorney, contact us at 214-295-2900 or click here.

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