Category: Personal Injury

Dallas city is the third most populated city in Texas. With a city being populated with over 1,300,00 people, sexual assault is an unfortunate event that happens to victims every day. Unfortunately, the percentage of assault runs higher in bigger cities. A Dallas personal injury attorney is more than willing to fight for a sexual […]

Dallas personal injury attorneys are easy to find. But, not all of these personal injury lawyers are created equal. Some personal injury lawyers lack the knowledge and experience necessary to help their clients receive fair compensation. Others ignore their clients’ requests, to the point where a personal injury case ultimately can become more trouble than […]

Recovering from a brain injury can be grueling and expensive. An ambulance ride, medical bills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, loss of wages, and other unforeseen expenses add up. Sometimes a brain injury can create life-long problems that require extended medical care. When we’re seriously injured, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Medical debt is a […]

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