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Design defects can cause a multitude of serious injuries. Unlike manufacturing defects that may affect one consumer, design defects make the entire line of products unsafe. For example, a design defect in an infant swing can cause the swing to tip over at a certain speed, causing crush injuries or asphyxiation.

If you or someone you love has been injured due to a negligent design defect, the experienced product liability attorneys at our firm, will fight to secure the compensation you deserve. Our Dallas design defect attorneys will hold the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer responsible for your injuries. Contact us by calling at 214-295-2900.

What is a Design Defect in a Product?

When we purchase a product, whether it is a high chair, car, or cell phone, we expect the product to work as advertised. As consumers, we trust the product has been through rigorous safety tests and other measures to ensure it functions as advertised. However, when that product fails due to a design flaw, the consequences are alarmingly severe.

According to the latest data, 401 people suffered injuries related to consumer products. Children are especially vulnerable. A Kid Report: Children’s Product Recalls saw 2,312,750 children’s products recalled in the last reporting year. Nursery products were among the highest recalled items.

Other examples of harmful design defects in consumer products include;

  • A particular SUV that flips over while turning a corner
  • A line of cell phones that catch fire if left on the charger
  • Infant bouncers that flip backward
  • A gas pedal that gets stuck in the floor mat
  • A spinning children’s fairy doll
  • A gun that fires with the safety on

Medications have also been recalled due to design defects. Some medicines worked well for their designed purpose, like alleviating arthritis pain, but were found to be defective when they unintentionally caused heart attacks.

Design defects can affect anyone. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury related to a product design, call our Dallas design defects lawyers today.

How Do Design Defects Affect Me?

Design defects can pose serious health risks to consumers. Our design defect attorneys in Dallas have successfully helped victims recover damages for decades. The most common injuries our clients have experienced are;

  • Respiratory distress: Small parts can break off and cause a small child to choke
  • Fires or explosions: A car’s design may have the fuel tank in a position to ignite in the event of a collision
  • Blindness: A child’s spinning toy can cause damage to the cornea
  • Scarring and burns: An adolescent’s toy oven be designed without enough safety guards for small hands, causing second-and third-degree burns
  • Amputations: a power tool with so much kick-back it cuts off a limb

Some products have warning labels detailing user risks, and some children’s toys have age requirements to prevent injuries. However, that does not excuse a flaw in the design of a product that routinely causes damage or harm. If you or someone you know has sustained injuries related to a product, you need an experienced design defect attorney to protect your rights.

How Can a Dallas Design Defect Lawyer Help?

At our firm, our Dallas design defect attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve, including;

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages if you cannot work
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering damages

Contact the esteemed lawyers at our firm, for a free evaluation of your case. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 214-295-2900.

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